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Entry #1


2011-11-29 21:46:44 by Skeletor440

So I guess I need to be "Scouted" before any of my pictures are posted in the art portal. I dont know how to get scouted but I need to be! D:


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2011-11-29 21:52:48

Someone who can scout people needs to like your work.

But don't whine about not being scouted. That'll only convince people to not wanna scout you.

Skeletor440 responds:

Thanks for the info, also I didnt mean to sound like I was whining, I was just confused on the whole matter.


2011-11-29 22:01:57

May I also Include that the four pieces of art need to be Completed artwork, sketches don't really work with most scouted artists.

Skeletor440 responds:

Most of my drawing are in pen, I'm not sure how to actually "Complete" some thing.